Round is not an option*

Because shaped timespieces will always leave their marks on great horological revolutions...

"Round is not an option" isn't just a characteristic among others, but Barillet's strength and signature identity.
A powerful story infused with transgression and boldness.
An uncompromising horological disruption.

Design, material & mechanics

Barillet Factory is a French/Swiss manufacture d'horlogerie. The brand's DNA is made of three essential components: design, material, and mechanics.
With their unique design, their lines, and material, our collections unleash your imagination as allegories would.
Our brand combines luxury, "French Spirit", precision and Swiss-made quality control.
Wearing a Barillet watch is an undisputable act of independence.

A remarkable signature brand

A remarkable style characterized by both its "raw luxury" lines and refined elegance.
Inspiration, infinity of worlds, experiences, and influences: Superheroes, sports, arts, music and sounds, creation, architecture, know-how, material… talent and creativity take shape everywhere.
"Deeply rooted in its own time and reality, Barillet means finding a hedonistic form of inspiration in a myriad of universes."

Welcome to ours.

Emblematic features - ergonomics, signature objects, exclusive design

Barillet's crown is probably our most distinctive element: our clock-makers have crafted an eye-catching marker. Its exclusive signature system and bi-directional winding adds up to the general ergonomics. The crown takes a distinctive shape: it is raw, cut from solid, then carefully machined and polished as a work of art would be. Ergonomics and comfort are the core concepts of each of our creations, as embodied by the Superpunk model; its arched case middle is adjusted to fit your wrist to perfection.

Barillet's know-how

Each component of a Barillet timepiece is finely crafted, nearing perfection, and offering purely-balanced original creations. Ours is a French know-how in the purest Swiss horological tradition!
"The Hand-made sketches and design of your Barillet are the reflection of French flair…"
Every Barillet-branded time-keeper is equipped with Swiss automatic movements based on renowned manufactures. The development of components such as the case, faces/dials, hands, glass, and crown, as well as their production, assembling, monitoring and final tests are made in Switzerland by our renowned partners. Our clockmakers design, assemble and minutely set your Barillet time-keeper in Swiss Jura.
Elements like our leather straps, cases and part of the final touches are left with our French, Italian, and of course Helvetian craftspersons.
Each detail provides our creations with a 3-year international warranty.

Heart & soul

Two hedonistic co-founders of Barillet Factory, both come from the clockmaking and mechanics worlds.

"Watches are our favorite clothing accessories. Such subtle concepts as curves, metallic sheen, volumes and equilibrium fascinate us… Design, material and mechanics are thus the keystones of our collections… Pleasure is our leitmotiv and we love sharing it… Barillet's story is above all that of a solid team..."

Barillet Factory